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Crater Rim Walks guides


Hi, I am Nicole, the owner and operator of Crater Rim Walks. This business came about through my family's long-standing passion for walking in the hills surrounding Christchurch City.  My incredibly fit and social parents have for years organised and guided a ‘Sunday Walk’, and have in turn learned every track in the area.  They now have a fantastic group of walking enthusiasts and great friends who get together rain or shine, and walk the hills each weekend, usually followed by coffee or lunch at someone's house.


As a fitness enthusiast and passionate traveller myself, I am so excited to present the panoramic views, picturesque bays, and quaint little spots for coffee that Christchurch and its surroundings have to offer.

The Crater Rim Walks team now consists of a small group of wonderful local guides who offer a personal but expert service, enabling you to explore off the beaten track.  It is a family run business, run by travellers for travellers, and we can’t wait to show off our beautiful backyard.  Come and discover the Crater Rim with us!

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