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Toitū te Marae a Tāne

Toitū te marae a Tongaroa

Toitū te Iwi

Through the sustainability

of the forest and ocean,

humanity will endure.



At Crater Rim Walks we weave the Tikai Promise through our business.  This means taking care of our land, sea and nature, treading lightly, traveling safely, showing care and consideration for all, respecting culture, and traveling with an open heart and mind. 


We pride ourselves in providing wonderful hospitality, while demonstrating respect for the long-term health of our environment and the community impact.

Tiaki Promise(1).jpg



As a Department of Conservation (DOC) concession holder we follow the principles of Leave No Trace:

1. Plan ahead and prepare
2. Travel and camp on durable ground
3. Dispose of waste properly
4. Leave what you find
5. Minimise the effects of fire
6. Respect wildlife and farm animals
7. Be considerate of others

Doing our bit for the Environment

To ensure our beautiful corner of the globe can be enjoyed for generations to come, these are the things we are doing to protect it:

Waste management - we use refillable stainless steel water bottles and lunchboxes, composting all left over food scraps, and recycling unavoidable packaging (plastics, tins, paper, glass).

Community Activities - we strive to protect our environment by monitoring our operations and being involved in projects to protect and restore the biodiversity of the area. For updates on community plantings please follow us on Facebook.

Education - our guides led by example and educate guests in environmental messages. If we all play our part, the native plants and animals of New Zealand will thrive without threat from introduced pests.  New Zealand be abundant with birds, and we will all be able to enjoy the native flora and fauna.

Sustainable Food - we use locally produced and sustainable product supply.  We promote meat free lunches, to cut down on our carbon footprint, live sustainably and promote healthy diets. 

Water Conservation - preserving our ocean in its natural state by keeping it clean and removing any waste we find as we walk.

Vehicle Goals - At Crater Rim Walks we are working towards moving to hybrid vehicles, so we can play our part in consuming less fuel and emitting less CO2. Lets all remember to drive carefully, be prepared, show respect, protect nature and keep NZ clean.


Thank you so much!

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