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When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

New Zealand has four very distinct and amazing seasons, there really is never a bad time to visit. It comes down to which activities you would like to do, and the climate you prefer. High season for visitors is September through to March, however Winter is also popular for skiing and snowboarding. The shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn are fantastic for walking, Summer is of course lovely, and you can also get some great weather in Winter, just be prepared with the right clothing.

Summer (Dec-Feb)

Queenstown during Summer

New Zealand at its busiest, the weather is warm, the days are long and sunny, however you will also have more people to deal with and activities can be more expensive.

New Zealanders take their holidays from Christmas through to the end of January, so it is advisable to book things in advance when traveling during Summer.

Autumn (March – May)

Twizel during Autumn

A gorgeous season in New Zealand with stunning colours throughout, mild weather, and slightly fewer crowds. It can be wet at times so some flexibility may be required with outdoor activities, but in general it is a great time to plan a trip to New Zealand.

Winter (June – Aug)

Snow Capped Mountains in New Zealand

Clear blue skies and sunshine are common through the Winter, but do make sure you pack your thermals! If you are following the snow, July through to September is ideal. Day walks in the Winter are beautiful with the right clothing to enjoy yourself outdoors. This is a quiet season, so there is little traffic on the roads. Snow rarely falls at sea level, and the season in general is quite short and mild.

Spring (Sept – Nov)

Lupins in the Spring in New Zealand

Yes, yes and yes! One of the best seasons to come to New Zealand, the weather warms up and the blossoms along with all the other Spring flowers in the parks and gardens are gorgeous. The grass is lush and the lambs are about. Early Spring is great for skiing, yet mild enough to enjoy all the other outdoor activities NZ has to offer. Christchurch in particular is stunning during Spring, you will quickly see why it is nicknamed ‘The Garden City’.

Whenever you plan your trip, you will find the people of New Zealand are very welcoming and great hosts. The scenery is breath taking, so whether you are planning so walk, ski, or drive, plan to be in the great outdoors one way or another, and there will be something beautiful to see during every month of the year.

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